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For Existing Business, New Startup, The Next Big Business Idea or Simply Individual Use

Showcase your Products & Services with Website

Starting just Rs. 9,999/-


We make you aware of below things upfront. It makes your business planning, budgeting and execution easier.

Why it is best Idea to have a Website?

Who can benefit from Website?

What process we follow?

1. Requirement

We understand the requirement. Discussion is done on call to understand and define the scope.

2. Quotation

We calculate efforts and resources required to full the requirement, and come up with the time and cost estimates. Quotation is shared with you.

3. Delivery

If time and cost quotation is ok, we expect all data required from you to start work. Upon receipt of data, we deliver the work as per schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want the benefits listed above, or you/your business are one among listed above, you need a website. Website can help you take yourself, your thoughts, your products and service to masses with the help of marketing. You can get in touch with us to understand how specifically website can help in your case. If it turn out and we feel that website is not required for you, we will let you know upfront.

It depends. Depends on what functionality and features you need in it. If it’s mostly going to hold information, it would cost 9999/year, excluding domain name cost and security certificate. If paid ads are to be run, extra configurations and capabilities are needed and it costs 16,999/year. This includes premium theme worth 49$, 24×7 fast and secure shared cloud hosting server, Security Certificate and SEO Ready website with analytics integration.
If certain custom dynamic functions are required or specific performance and integrations are needed, a custom coded website in specific technology stack is unavoidable. The estimated cost of such solution is possible to be given only after the requirement is completely understood and defined.

Again, It depends. 
For informative website, it takes 5 to 15 days on average.
For custom coded website, it depends on requirement.

We don’t wish to waste your time and money in trying to deliver something which is not clear. If things are not clear, wrong expectations are set – and this leads to conflicts after we start on project work. To avoid frustrations to both of us, we make sure to understand the requirement first, then clearly communicate the time and cost estimates. If you are okay with those, then only we start developement work.

Payments mostly has 2 parts. Part advance, Part at delivery. The exact split is decided case to case in step 2 of the process we follow. It’s arrived at after mutual negotiation, as certain costs cannot be postponed till delivery, and needs to be borne at start only

Get in touch with us on whatsapp or call. We will either address it then and there or schedule a small meeting/call as needed to address the concern.

Major Benefits of having a Website

Saves Time

Leads, Prospects, Buyers and Customers get all structured information from website without having to depend on you. You need not send the same information again and again to all people. It saves a lot of burden from your head.

Always Available

It gives 24x7 visibility to your business. Visitors get all necessary details without depending on you or waiting for you.

Information Showcase

Website holds all business information, images and videos which you wish to show to your prospects and visitors. Furthermore, data update is required in 1 place only. It is displayed uniformly to everyone.

More Customers

Website can be used for marketing, it gives your business access to more customers beyond physical limits. It increases productivity and profitability.


People start registering your brand, services and products subconsciously and create a strong, positive perception of the company/person in the visitor's mind.

Help & Support

Visitors always have some doubts, which cannot be solved upfront with information present even on website. They need to speak to someone. Website gives them authentic/official details on how to contact your support team/help desk.

Would you like us to build a website for you?

To get started, get in touch with us on Whatsapp or Call.

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