Quality Lead Generation for Businesses & MSME for 10x Growth

High Quality Exclusive Inbound Lead Generation for Businesses, MSMEs & Individuals for 10x Growth

We help Businesses, whether small, medium, or large (MSMEs) or Individuals with Consistent Exclusive Qualified Inbound Lead Generation through Digital Marketing Services i.e. Paid Ads

At least one of below might be True in your case

1 You are not sure where to start and how to get quality leads for business
2 You are generating leads for your business from other sources but those are
- Not relevant (don't want your product/services), or
- Already contacted by your competitors, and are not picking your calls simply because they are frustrated due to unwanted calls
- If they do pick calls, they don't get converted easily.

How Lead Generation for Businesses work?

  1. Leads / Prospect customers contact you directly via Call or Whatsapp on the business contact number you provide us.
  2. Leads are exclusive to your business. Leads never contact us, we don’t get their contact details. We cannot share leads with anyone else, hence there are greater chances of conversion. We believe in transparency.
Steps of Lead Generation for Small Businesses, The process of lead generation for small businesses using digital marketing advertising campaigns by marvel digitals

Below are the 4 steps of Lead Generation for Businesses

Step 1
People look/search for a product/service similar to what your business provides. They either search on search engines like Google or search on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Step 2
They are presented with your product/service offerings via ads that match their interests or intents.

Step 3
People click on the Ad that they find interesting and relevant. Then they are presented with product/service details.
If interested, they choose to contact the advertising business directly over Call/WhatsApp.

Step 4
Business representatives or marketing and sales teams then communicate with leads, nurture them, and close the deal.

The whole process of lead generation for businesses is visually represented in an image just above.

How many leads you can expect with our service of Lead Generation for Businesses?

Lead generation for businesses or MSMEs is not a simple process. Even to arrive at the estimates of the budget and the number of leads one can get in that budget, we need to do some complex research. It needs time and some data inputs from businesses for which lead generation is to be done.

To answer this, we need 2 things from your side

1. The product/service for which leads are required
The location from where leads are needed

Based on these details, we can share 2 things

1. Monthly Minimum Budget
Number of leads you can expect in a month within that particular budget


Important Notes

  1. Each business is different, their product and services, location, and competition are different. As such, there is no fixed solution that suits all. We understand business & figure out the best way to generate leads.
  2. The number of leads is an estimation, not a guaranteed number.
  3. The number of actual leads your business get may vary from time to time as the market conditions keep on changing. Example conditions that may change are given in the FAQs at the end of this page.

Should you go for Paid Lead Generation for your Business?

Once you receive the recommended minimum monthly budget and a number of leads, you can estimate the profit you can make from these leads. Further, depending on whether your business is transactional or repeat, the below steps would help you to decide if this service of lead generation for businesses would be a profitable affair for your business or not.

Sample Calculation :
Suppose you give us details of the product/service and location. And we suggest that in a monthly budget of INR 10,000, you can expect 50 leads. If you can convert 10% of leads into customers i.e. 5, and suppose each customer gives you a profit of 2000, the overall profit from the leads in a month becomes 5 x 2,000 = 10,000. If you can convert more leads into customers, or get more profit from each customer, overall profit will increase.

In this example, There are 3 possibilities for return on your ad costs

  • Positive Return on Investment: If the expected profit from the leads in a month is > 10,000
  • No Profit No Loss: If expected profit from the leads in a month = 10,000
  • Overall Loss: If expected profit from the leads in a month < 10,000

If your Business is Transactional

Transactional Business: You can consider your business as transactional if the customer would make a one-time purchase of a product or service and there would be no reason/chance of repeat business transactions in the future. Repeat business means Business in terms of purchase of the same service/product again,  purchase of some other product/service you provide, or additional business received through recommendations/referrals.

Decision: As given in table 1, only for Case A (when there is a positive return on investment), it is recommended to go for paid ads. This applies to the services/products which has good profit margin, have high ticket size wherein lead costs are covered by the profit made.

For Cases B & C, paid ads would not be profitable. For such cases, only if in some way the leads can be used to get more business in the future, doing paid ads would give a positive return in long run. Any additional business in the future = extra profit at no additional lead cost.

If your Business is Repeat/Recurring

Repeat or Future Recurring Business: You can consider your business as repeat/recurring if the customer would make a first-time purchase of a product or service and there would be chances of repeat business transactions in the future. This may be in terms of the purchase of the same service/product again, some other product/service you provide, or additional business received through recommendations/referrals. Note that there is no additional lead acquisition cost involved for future business. Whatever you make from the second transaction onwards is pure profit.

Decision :

For all the cases (Case D, E, F), lead generation would mean profitable business growth in the long term. Return on investment will go on increasing with time.

Even if the initial lead cost is greater than the profit made (case E and F), you should go for this. You are a type of business wherein “once a customer, always a customer” is true. Quality service and relation building can bring exponential growth.

Secret of long term success

As the leads are really genuine and looking for the service/product, those who don’t get converted in a month when they are received, can still remain in your pipeline and eventually become your client. Those who may not buy the product/service due to factors like low funds or some other reasons can always get back. It’s how you nurture and follow up with them that makes all the difference.

Many of our clients solely depend on us to provide them with the quality leads they need to keep their businesses running and profitable. Go through the Case Studies at the end to understand how one of the clients started recently and earned good revenue within 2 months.

Importante Note

Ideally, when a trial is done for 1 month, it would be clear, if the lead generation is giving positive returns or not.

Why 1 month? Because when we start with a lead generation campaign, it doesn’t immediately start giving consistent results. It takes a few days to learn and adapt to the market competition. With time, it starts giving more relevant and stable results.

But, if you cannot afford to try for 1 month, you can still decide based on the Monthly budget and the number of expected leads as explained above.

Need help with this calculation & decision?

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What is cost to get started with Lead Generation for Businesses?

If you want to take 1 Month Trial

1 Dummy Website: A fast and secure website page to give potential clients/visitors information before they choose to contact you. No cost for trial period.
2 Lead Generation Budget Minimum Budget recommended per month basis

For Lead Generation Service after Trial period

1 Dedicated Website: A fast and secure website page to give potential clients/visitors information before they choose to contact you. Starting minimum of INR 5000/year, costs go up based on additional features required.
2 Lead Generation Budget Minimum Budget recommended per month basis

Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

We get details of the product and services from you, and also the location from where you need leads. Based on those parameters, we figure out different places where it is best to run a paid ad campaign. Those include but are not limited to Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Open Partner Network Sites.

We, Marvel Digitals, are purely into Digital Marketing. We can, but we don’t provide sales or conversion service that’s not automatic. Sales in such cases require us to speak or communicate with the prospects, then only do they get converted into paying clients.

We have a variety of clients from different verticals for lead generation service, we can not do the best in handling conversion for them. Each vertical and business required special sales efforts, and we don’t indulge in what we can’t do justice to.

It’s best if you handle your own sales and conversion activities in-house. Giving sales out is more like being dependent on a third party for the core business function. That’s definitely not recommended.

Additionally, with no upfront payment, why would anyone work for you? And even if someone gets ready in the initial phase, they will not work for long and most probably end up wasting your as well as their own time. You will have to keep searching for such people, and you would eventually get frustrated.

The real solution to the problem is getting quality leads, and you should be able to close such prospects quite easily.

Conditions that may change are market competition, marketing platform technical or advertising rule changes, and demand in the specific region as a result of certain geo-socio-political events like festivals, natural calamities, government regulations, etc. This is not an exclusive list.

Each time we start running paid ad campaigns, it takes 4-6 days on average for the campaign to learn and adapt to the target audience and competition out there in the market. We start getting leads from 4-6 days from the start of the campaign and keep on getting leads as and when they interact with our ads and opt to get in touch with us. Before we start the lead generation campaign, a few technical activities are to be done like a dummy website set-up. It takes time of 2-3 days to have all setup and ready. This time is not included in the 4-6 days mentioned at the start of this answer.

Yes, we can give 15 days of trial, for that we would need 50% of the monthly budget to start a trial. But the result data would not be stable, as once we start advertising, it doesn’t start giving leads immediately. In the initial phase, it learns and adapts to the current competition in the market, and after that starts giving more stable results. As such, it’s not advisable to go for 15 days trial. At least 1 month’s data is needed to arrive at substantial stable data to decide upon.

Trial Period :

  • No cost for a dummy website
  • Monthly / 15 days minimum budget cost: Advance

Service Period :

  • Dedicated Website cost: Advance
  • Monthly minimum budget cost: Advance at the start of the month

Advance is needed because if we stop the ad campaigns intermittently due to lack of funds, we lose opportunities. We don’t get the expected results.

Marketing results come with no guarantee. We try our best to give you optimized results and as many leads as we can. We are giving you a trial for 1 month or 15 days as you feel fit. This is essential for you to build trust and test the service. If you feel that this is not helping you, you can stop taking our services.

Also, we are not looking for short-term clients. We are looking for clients who want long-term business stability and growth. We would love to be your growth partner.

We have cases where clients did get fewer leads initially but were able to convert them into good clients. With time, things get better as old leads also start converting into paying clients in long run. Patience is very important for this to start working for you in long run. Kindly go through the case study, you will understand what I mean by this.

Yes. We need a dummy/dedicated website to start generating qualified leads and tracking user actions as well. That’s more of a technical and functional base for lead generation. We cannot bypass it.

Unfortunately no.

For the specific inbound lead generation and its tracking, we need to do some technical and functional maintenance from time to time. Further, it has some specific speed-security-availability needs for the lead generation campaign to give the best results. Sometimes, we are forced to rebuild the setup for troubleshooting. This is not possible on the existing running website, not built by us. Also, changes for lead generation should not impact the existing running website.

A refund is provided / available as mentioned below. This essentially means that you don’t wish to continue taking our services. The service contract come to an end between us.

During Trial:

  • 15 Days trial > No refund is possible
  • 1 Month Trial > 50% refund possible if you request it on or before the 13th day from the start of a trial

During Normal Service:

  • A 50% refund on the current month’s budget is possible if you request it on or before the 13th day from the start of the current month
  • No refund regarding the dedicated website is possible to be given.

Important Note :
If a refund is already given, and you decide to again take the services later on, it would be considered as a fresh requirement and the new estimates/quotation is shared with you. Once a client stops taking services from us, we shut all the digital assets like dummy/dedicated websites as keeping them up and running involves overhead costs.

Get in touch with us on Whatsapp at +919579253314, we will address your doubt.

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