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Proven Magnetic Social Media Marketing Services that ensures 100% Results


Social Media Marketing (SMM) help us in achiving below objectives

We don’t do activities-based SMM, we do results-focused SMM!

Marvel Digitals is Best Social Media Marketing Agency in India becuase we are ...

Focused on Results which are win-win-win

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Social Media Marketing Channels

Results focused Social Media Marketing Service by Best Social Media Marketing Agency in India - Marvel Digitals Pune


Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms. It has a great active user base, and it makes a great choice for marketing for almost any sort of business. It can be used to bring traffic to any website. We build websites as well, in case it’s not yet there.

It can also be used to get leads for business through form fills, over WhatsApp, or over calls. Facebook ads can also be used to directly sell products and services to users.

That said, it’s not so easy. Recently, Marketing Competition on Facebook has increased significantly. Differentiating creativity and business marketing acumen is needed to get results within budget when doing Facebook Marketing.

We have seen individuals and businesses drain their marketing budgets with no or little results. And even if the results are there, getting consistent quality results is still a tricky thing.

And that’s where we come into the picture, to help you with done-for-you social media marketing service, so you can focus on the main thing which you do best – business operations. And we take care of marketing on Facebook to produce consistent quality results for your business.

Facebook provide us below assets and ways to use the social platform for digital marketing, both organically and inorganically


Instagram is more popular with a younger audience and becoming more famous for reels. It has a great number of the young and active userbase. For any business and brand that target a younger audience, Instagram is the best choice. Its dynamics are different from Facebook, with more focus on visual aesthetics and keeping users engaged on the platform for a longer time through micro-videos and auto-suggestions.

Instagram is also replacing other platforms like TikTok to some extent. It has become the best choice for social marketing as the younger active audiences can be targeted with ads.

It certainly is complementary to the Facebook platform. Coupled with Facebook ads, it gives the best results, and should not be ignored.

Additionally, the reels and social posts help in increasing social presence. When executed rightly, the Instagram reels strategy helps gain followers. Followers can then be converted into paying clients over time, with offers and relevant content strategy.

Instagram provide us image and video dominated social platform for digital marketing, both organically and inorganically


Whatsapp is the most commonly used messaging platform and comes under the Meta universe. The open rate is highest in the case of WhatsApp and is the preferred way of communication in India nowadays.

It has recently added features to increase the group member limits and has constantly improved stability, privacy, and usability. 

It creates a huge opportunity for us to capitalize on that as businesses. We can market our products and services and use WhatsApp as a medium for business communications, sales, and after-sales activities.

Whatsapp is best choice when it comes to being in touch with customers and leads.



Pinterest is image and video rich platform, and very popular nowdays





Youtube is top video search platform.



Quora Question and Answers




LinkedIn for Professional Networking



Twitter - micro messaging platform

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Both Organic and Inorganic strategies are used to achieve the maximum results while doing the marketing to achieve the set goal. This is what makes us different from other social media marketing agencies. While other may be focusing on social media marketing degree, we focus on angle 😉

Social Media Marketing Strategies Marvel Digitals use to produce 100% Magnetic Results

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses essentially involve both these strategies.

In comparison to other marketing platforms like Google and YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are a little cheaper in cost. These are totally different platforms, and the way we market on them and the results we get vary to a great extent.

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Frequestly Asked Questions on Social Media Marketing Service

Social Media Marketing is using Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to achieve marketing objectives like Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Video Views, Engagement, Leads, Page Likes, Event Responses, Messages, Sales, Conversions, Bookings, Appointments, etc.

This can be achieved organically i.e. without ads or inorganically i.e. with paid ads.

Any business, small or big, run by group of people or individual, need visibility to gain customers. If business gets customers, it makes money, and can thus sustain and grow.

As ideal customers of most businesses are spending quite of their time on social media platforms, it’s important for the businesses to be present on same social media and market their products and services.

Rule is simple, market where the ideal customers are present. And the social media platforms give option to market both organically and inorganically. So, smart business decision would be to exploit the oppotunity and grow the business.

Not having a website doesn’t stop us from doing social marketing.

That said, the fact is also that no social media is in our control. When you use different social platforms, you are binded by different limiations like type of content you share, frequency of the content posting, reach of the content, number of interactions, etc.

Further, social profile may get suspended or restrictions might get applied for doing certain sort of activities or not following their rules. As such, total dependency on social media is dangerous. Sometimes a complete platform can go down, like for example – TikTok got banned from India.

Because of these reasons, Marvel Digitals strongly recommend all our clients to have their own website. We can design a website for your business in case it’s missing.

For example, we provide SMM services to ‘Vaivy World of Hair Nashik‘, one of our clients. We do take care of instagram handle, facebook page, blogs, Social Posts, etc for them.

We also provide Google Ads services to them for lead generation. We also provide Google Business Profile Management Service (earlier used to be known as GMB).

Answer is – it depends. The answer is not straight forward. We need to choose the social platform where the ideal customers of the business are active. For example, for some fashion brand whose target audience is young folks, instagram would be top choice. For an ecommerce focused on Do-It-Yourself kits, ideal target platform could be Pinterest and Instagram. Likewise, we do analyse the business and their target audeince before we prioritize the social media platform for marketing.

Yes, you can do zero cost social media marketing. If you are low on budget, but have time and patience to learn and implement strategies on your own, it’s possible. Note – It may take time to see the results of the activities you would be doing. The reason for it can be various including reduced organic reach on social platforms, ability to consistently implement the strategies effectively, etc. If you can effetively implement the strategies, you can get amazing results.

If you want to learn zero cost social media marketing strategies, you can enroll for our zero cost social media marketing strategy training. It’s not free, because we share working strategies. We charge ₹5000/person for this 1  week program (1 hour/day) on how to market your business on social media platforms without paid ads. If you are interested to enroll, join telegram channel Zero Cost Social Media Marketing Training Program. We shall share the dates of the upcoming program scheule and link to make payment for enrollment.

Yes, We do offer practical and implementation based Industry standard Social Media Marketing Course. This will help you to secure a Social Media Manager Job in marketing agencies.

Duration : 8 week, 2 hours a week, completely online.

There will be practice work and assignements to be completed within deadline, and you get cashback reward for completing the tasks.

Course fees is ₹24000, with option to pay in 3 installments of ₹8000 each.

If you are interested to join the program, contact us via email or whatsapp.

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