Practical Web Design Training​ - 10 Week Incentivised Course

Practical Incentivised Web Design Training

Become Industry Ready Website Designer in 10 Weeks without Coding or having any prior Experience or Technical Knowledge,
Even if you are from Non-Technical Background or a Complete Fresher





100 percent money cah back directly into bank account when you complete the assignment in time


After completing the Course, you will

Course Structure


20% Theory
80% Practical
Online Live + Recording


10 LIVE Sessions
5 Q/A sessions


7 Assignments
7 day deadline each


Timely Submission
75% Completeness


₹1000 cashback per eligible assignment

Why Practical?

This is NOT a course. This is TRAINING.

You are supposed to work on what you learn. The theory part is only 20% and is already more than enough to understand the concepts in Website Designing.

It’s extensively practical training, where you work on your own website and make it live during the training itself.

Why Incentivized?

We are incentivizing you for taking action. If you don’t implement it, it will be of no use.

If cashback doesn’t motivate you to take action, we are not sure what else can.

You should join only if you are ready to take action and ready to implement what you learn.


Cashback Process

After you submit the assignment work by the deadline, our team evaluates the assignments for genuineness and fair correctness. We expect only 75% accuracy, not 100%. Such submissions get eligible for a cashback of ₹1000 each.

The cashback amount is directly transferred to your account, within 4 days from the evaluation result declaration for the assignment.

Course Syllabus

Week 1

Web Design Basics

Week 2

Initial Website setup & launch

Week 3

Understanding Building Blocks

Week 4

Content Formatting

Week 5

Working with Media

Week 6

Plugins and Widgets

Week 7

Types of pages in a website

Week 8

Optimizing for mobile

Week 9

Testing and Finetuning

Week 10

Graduation Ceremony

Things required to Join this Training

If you already have these things, or can arrange missing ones, you can join

Computer or Laptop

With at least 4 GB RAM, Zoom, Chrome Browser

Internet Skill

Ability to use Chrome Browser and Internet surfing

Internet Connectivity

At least 4G or Wired internet boradband connection

Basic English

Reading and understanding basic English

Passion to Implement

Ability to Learn, Implement and Enjoy the Process

Bonus sessions you get with this course

Resume Building

How to prepare a resume that helps you get hired fast.

Bonus # 1

Finding Right Job

How to find the best suited job for your strengths and weakness.

Bonus # 2

Job Application

How to apply so your chances of selection increase

Bonus # 3


Do's and Don't of successful freelancing.

Bonus # 4

Get first paid client

How to get the first paying client for your website design services

Bonus # 5

How to charge

How and how much to charge for the website design services?

Bonus # 6

Training Batch Date & Time

Starting 4 March 2023

Week 1 on 4 March 2023, Week 10 on 6 May 2023

LIVE Training Session

Every Saturday - 7 pm

Doubt Clearing Session

Every Tuesday - 7 pm

Course Fees

₹ 25000

₹ 15000

* Effective fees will be ₹8000 if you earn all cashbacks, i.e. ₹7000 in total

Offer expiring in ...

The Offer has ended, please contact us on email id : if you are interested to enroll.

Who should enroll in this course?

Who should NOT enroll in this course?

Why this course is Unique?

You learn the latest skills that are used in the industry
Industry Relevant Skills 100%
You learn from Industry personnel, a Digital marketing Company owner - Not just a trainer or teacher
From Industry Personnel 100%
The structure of the course makes sure that you implement things practically, and you build & launch your own LIVE website by end of this course
100% Practical Focused 100%

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

After each LIVE session, we share recordings of the session in the Learning Management System Portal (LMS). You can watch the recording as per your available time.

You cannot learn and implement without laptop or computer. It’s not possible to learn on mobile. You need to arrange a laptio or computer, if you wish to  really learn this. Next answer gives details of different options you have, even if you are on low budget.

You can check with your family or friends who has spare laptop or computer, which they don’t use. You can request them to let you use it for learning.

If you have little budget, you can buy a refurbshed computer or laptop. A computer or laptop with processor like pentium i3 (6th Generation) or i5 with SSD type hard-disk, 8 GB RAM would be perfect choice. It would cost you maximum of ₹ 20,000. If you need help in buying one for yourself, get in touch with us.

If you have budget to spend more, you can buy new PC/laptop with same configuration, either online or offline, as you feel ok.  It would normally cost at least twice of the what it costs for the refurbished one.

2 Hours of learning, 4 to 6 hours of practice and assignment work

Multiple payment options are available – like QR, Google Pay, Phone Pe, UPI, Debit Card, Creadit Card, Online Banking, etc.

EMI is made available by different banks on their debit card or credit card. Check if your card gives EMI option. You need to click on link to enroll and check if EMI option is made available by your bank on your credit or debit card.

No, we don’t accept part payment. Only option is to pay full course fees in advance.

The refund Policy is as follows – 

Refund is provided in one case only – When you attend your 1st live session on the first week, on the scheduled date, and if you don’t like it,  you can ask for the full refund within 12 hours of that, by filling out a refund request form.

In this only case, we do provide a full refund. After receiving the request, we verify it and process the refund within 4 working days by refunding the total amount in your bank account or the payment option you chose. Once a full refund is given, you shall not get further access to the LIVE or Recorded sessions or Bonuses.

In other cases listed below, we don’t provide refunds.

  • When you don’t show up on the scheduled date for the first session
  • You attend 1st session but failed to attend further sessions

In such cases, we give you access to the session recordings and other learning material so you can still complete the learning.

But understand that, it’s an implementation program. If you are not interested to learn, don’t enroll. We won’t entertain any refund requests for such cases later on. It’s simply because we need to purchase hosting, in advance to give you a practical implementation experience and make your website live.

It’s not just a course, it’s getting ready for the real world.

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